Preliminary Schedule

Association of Ancient Historians (AAH) in Iowa City 

April 23-25, 2020

Co-Chairs: Sarah E. Bond (History, UI) and Rosemary Moore (History & Classics, UI)

Panel Conveners: Lee Brice (WIU), Nandini Pandey (UW-Madison),  Jordan Rosenblum (UW-Madison), Georgia Tsouvala (ISU), Hannah Scates Kettler (Iowa State University), Thomas Rose (Randolph-Macon College), Adrienne Ho Rose (University of Iowa), Brenda Longfellow (University of Iowa), Angela Ziskowski (Coe College)

Keynote Speakers: Jinyu Liu (Depauw University), Walter Scheidel (Stanford University)

Theme: A Global Antiquity

Thursday, April 23: Day One: Opening Night

5:30 pm: Registration & Packet Pick-up: Shambaugh Auditorium, Main Library

6:00 pm: Shambaugh Auditorium, Main Library, University of Iowa

Introduction: Rosemary Moore, Sarah Bond, and Serena Connelly (Rutgers University)

Introduction of Speaker: Adrienne Ho Rose (University  of Iowa)

Keynote #1: Jinyu Liu (DePauw University): “Cross-cultural Translation of Antiquity: Universalities and Peculiarities in a Problematic Contact Zone”

7:30: UI Main Library and Gallery Space Cocktail Party

Friday, April 24: Day Two

Room: IMU Theater, Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa Campus, Iowa City, IA

8:30 –9:00 am: Continental Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am-10:30:  Panel #1: Ancient Food Panel: Jordan Rosenblum (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

(1) Zachary Herz (UC-Boulder), “Werewolves and Other Party Tricks in the Cena Trimalchionis”

(2) Nandini Pandey (UW-Madison), “Dining on Diversity: Culinary Cosmopolitanism among Roman Elites”

(3) Mary Jean McNamara (CUNY-Graduate Center), “Fowl Feasts: Class and Eating in Ancient Rome”

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45-12:00: Panel #2: New Documentation in Ancient History Panel: Georgia Tsouvala (Illinois State University)

(1) Edward Dandrow, (University of Central Florida), “Elagabalus as the Son of Caracalla and Plautilla? A New Genealogy on the Early Tetradrachms from Edessa in Osrhoene”

(2) Michael Ierardi (Bridgewater State University), “The Macedonian garrison on Acrocorinth: the view from a ‘Fetter of Greece’”

(3) Chingyuan Wu (Peking University),”Of Health or Savior? Emending the Herennia Hispana Inscription”

12:00-1:30: Lunch On Your Own 

1:30-3:00: Panel #3: Athenian Life and History Panel: Thomas Rose (Randolph-Macon College)

(1) Phil Venticinque (University of Chicago), “Ties that Bind: Curses and Commerce in Athens and the Ancient World” 

(2) James Sickinger (Florida State University), “The Kerameikos Ostraka: 50 Years Later”

(3) Kelcy Sagstetter (United States Naval Academy), “Politics and Triremes: Amphibious Warfare at Eurymedon”

3:00-3:15: Break

3:15-4:30: Panel #4: Alexander and his Generals on the Frontiers Panel: Rosemary Moore (University of Iowa).

(1) Jenna Rice (University of Missouri-Columbia), “Camels and Environmental Challenges in Alexander’s Campaigns: The Cases of Siwah and Nautaca”

(2) Daniel Beckman (Princeton University), “Frontiers of Royal Legitimacy Under Alexander and the Diadochoi”

(3) Andrea Gatzke (SUNY New Paltz), “Alexander and the Triumph of Dionysus”

4:30-4:45: Break

4:45-6:15: Presidential Panel: 4:45-6:15: A Global Antiquity: Angela Ziskowski (Coe College)

(1) Lee E. Patterson, (Eastern Illinois University), “The Role of the Nakharars of Armenia in Fourth-Century Roman-Sasanian Diplomacy”

(2) Stuart McCunn (Independent Scholar), “Prints of Persia: Great Walls and Sassanian Military Organization in Late Antiquity”

(3) Q.Z. Lau (UC-SB) “Construction of Descent: Early Medieval Imagined Origins in Non-Imperial Peoples”

6:15: Procession to Open Bar and Appetizers (IMU, University of Iowa)

7:00: Conference Dinner at IMU: Keynote #2: Walter Scheidel (Stanford University), “The Ancient Historian on the Tightrope.”

Saturday, April 25: Day Three

Room: IMU Theater, Iowa Memorial Union

8:00 –8:30 am: Continental Breakfast and Registration, Day 3

8:30-9:45: Panel #6: Digital Humanities Panel: Hannah Scates Kettler (Iowa State University)

(1) Rhyne King (University of Chicago), “Imperial Cooperation and Coercion: The View from Persian Mesopotamia”

(2) Werner Riess (University of Hamburg), “Moving Toward a Digital History of Ancient Violence: A New Information System on the Representation of Greek and Roman Violence”

(3) Vanessa Gorman (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), “Did Xenophon Write the Epilogue of the Cyropaedia? Using Stylometry to Determine Authorship”

9:45-10:00: Break

10:00-11:30: #7: Geographies of Conflict and Warfare Panel: Lee Brice (Western Illinois University)

(1) John Hyland (Christopher Newport University), “Darius I and the Spatial Dynamics of Achaemenid Royal Campaigns”

(2) Kurt A. Raaflaub (Brown University), “Justifying Genocide? Confronting the Dark Side of Caesar’s Gallic Wars”

(3) Jessica Tilley (Florida State University), “Victory over Things: Re-interpreting Mummius’s Display of Spoils in Greece” 

11:30-12:30: Lunch on your own

12:30-2:00 pm: AAH Business Meeting 

2:00-3:15 pm: #8: Pedagogy and Outreach Panel: Nandini Pandey (UW-Madison)

(1) Jeremy LaBuff (Northern Arizona University), “The Rewards and Challenges of a More Inclusive Instruction of Antiquity”

(2) Ryan Abrecht (University of San Diego), “Teaching Ancient History Through Historical Fiction” 

(3) Isabel Köster (UC-Boulder), “Teaching Gender and Ethnicity in the Roman World with Bernardine Evaristoâ’s The Emperor’s Babe”

3:15-3:30: Break

3:30-4:45: #9: Disease, Disaster, and Environmental Histories Panel: Brenda Longfellow (University of Iowa)

(1) Mark K. Gradoni (University of Maryland), “Plague and the End of Antiquity: A Reassessment” 

(2) Morgan King (College of St. Benedict / Saint John’s University), “They Feared Eternal Night”: Re-evaluating the Eruption of Etna in 44 BCE”

(3) Colin P. Elliott (Indiana University), “Climate Change and Coin Debasement in Roman Egypt”

4:45: Closing Remarks and Thanks (Moore and Bond)

5:00 pm: Exodus

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