AAH Digital Migration

Good morning from Iowa City. The co-chairs of the AAH 2020 would like to let you know that due to safety concerns over COVID-19, we are currently in preparation to migrate the AAH annual conference to an online existence via Zoom and thus cancel the in-person meeting in Iowa City. Presidential elections for the AAH will still proceed online on Saturday afternoon at the business meeting. Hopefully we can provide all AAH members and participants with a Zoom link and would like to invite every presenter to continue to give their paper as planned through this digital platform. This will allow particularly graduate students and early career scholars with the chance not only to broadcast their work, but also to list the AAH conference on their CVs as planned. I am told hotel rooms can still be cancelled at The Graduate and we are working with conference services here at the UI to reimburse all registration fees.

With numerous cases of COVID-19 in Johnson County (i.e. Iowa City) now, it is no longer safe or advisable to hold the meeting here, especially when we have numerous presenters from China, Taiwan, or Italy; many older or immunocompromised AAH members who planned to attend; and most participants will now not be able to be reimbursed for travel from their institution due to emergency measures on their home campus. Rosemary Moore and I have been planning this meeting for years now and are mightily disappointed not to be able to make it happen in-person. We thank you for your understanding, but the times, they are a changin’. We want to assure you that the show will go on—just online and open access rather than physically in Iowa.

“Ptolemy and Hermes, engage in a spirited discussion on this fragmentary plate. A woman stands behind each man, gesturing and partaking in the exchange. The woman on the left is identified as Skepsis…The scene on this plate has been interpreted as an allegory of the debate between Myth and Science”
(500-600 CE, Silver, Byzantine, now at the Getty Villa. Image via the Getty Open Content Program).

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